Scenic Train Route in India – The Konkan Railway

The west coast of India offers may untouched and pristine landscapes. The best way to enjoy this with a comfort is by travelling by train starting from Mumbai on the central west coast and travelling all the way to the coastal south India regions with stops on the way in various beach and coastal small towns.

My short journey started from Mumbai to south Goa with stops in the towns of Tarkali and Vengurla. I chose the monsoon month of July to travel knowing fully well that the school vacation travel would have subsided leaving the touristic towns empty and peaceful.


Beach side Resort in Trakali,India
Beach side Resort in Trakali,India


View from the lookout in Tarkali, India
The fisherman trying his luck – fish forms a staple part of the local community cuisine.
Dog and a fort. 

In the background is the Sindhudurg fort built by Shivaji who ruled the now state of Maharashtra and successfully campaigned against the British during their rule in India.





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