Baking in Michoagan, Mexico

Michoacán is located in western Mexico and has a stretch of coastline on the Pacific Ocean. Thename Michoacán means the ‘place or the fishermen’.

Before the Spanish invasion the area was home of the Purépecha empire.

The state is the largest producer of avocados in Mexico and in the world,

Paracho is famous as the guitar town and has street lined with guitar shops.

I was quite fortunate that my friend Carlos took me to places and remote towns in the interior part of Mexico and gave me a very interesting look into the various aspects of the culture and traditions of Mexico.

In some of these remote towns, availability of vegan and vegetarian food was a challenge and I had to make do with fruits and it was during such time that the  visit to the bakery was quite a blessing in disguise. The baker was kind enough to also point out which of the baked items did not include lard and was safe for vegetarian!

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