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Interesting to watch in action the interaction between two lions and a herd of water buffaloes. We were watching form the jeep as two lions were munching on a fresh kill of a buffalo. We could see that on the left by the river a herd of about 70 to 80 buffaloes were headed towards our direction from about quarter of a mile away. As the buffaloes came closer toward where the lions were working on the kill, they sensed that there was a carcass nearby. Most of the herd stayed away and watched for a while and then 2 out of the herd stepped forward and tried to shoo the lions away. The lions drove them back immediately. They few more from the herd joined and we could see this show of strength in numbers slowing being played only to be shooed back by the lions. The buffaloes were adamant and would not give up and slowly made there way towards the carcass. In the end they managed to shoo the lions away from the carcass. The lions then got very close to our jeep and one of them were only a few feet away. We could see the bloody face and the proximity to us gave us goosebumps!
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