Arthur Lubin


Dorothy Davenport (screenplay) (as Dorothy Reid), Jay Dratler (screenplay) | 1 more credit »
Brain Donlevy plays the role of a successful businessman who adores his wife and unsuspectingly assumes that it is reciprocated by her as well. Unbeknownst to him, the wife schemes with her lover to have him killed on a road trip, having convinced Brain to let her lover hitchhike with him. Things take an ugly turn when the lover who introduces himself as wifes' cousin, stops the car midway by a mountainous road and bludgeons him and pushes him down. Within a few minutes, he collides head on with a oil tanker and his car goes up in flames. Every one assumes that Brain is the one that was in the car and not the lover. In the meanwhile Brain realizes the dodgy scheme her wife orchestrated and goes into hiding under a differnent name of Peter Walker and works in a garage owned and run by Marsha Peters a role very charmingly played by Ella Raines who develops a liking to Brian. In the meanwhile Brain's wife is being tried for conspiracy to commit murder of her husband. Driven by conscience and on the advice of Marsha, Brain discloses himself and the fact that he is still alive, but his wife now turns the table, confesses to having a lover and now accuses of her husband knowing about it and being responsible for the lovers death.
The rest of the story takes the viewer through twists and turns and Brain and Marsha look for the evidence that will prove Brian's innocence.